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Pain Management


There are a number of different medications our dentist may prescribe for you, depending on your condition. Some medications are prescribed to fight certain oral diseases, to prevent or treat infections, or to control pain and relieve anxiety.

Generally, medications try either to stop the transmission of pain from the site of injury or to affect the brain directly.

The effects of pain medication are different for different people. Also, the tolerance of pain varies greatly from one person to another. For this reason, one medication will not be right for everyone with the same injury. For example, some people are quite happy with an medication for an ankle sprain, while others will need a more powerful prescription pain reliever. The right pain medication depends on the person experiencing the pain, not on the condition that is causing the pain.

Our dentist will provide information to you about any medication he may give to you, make sure you fully understand the reasons for taking a medication. It is extremely important that you share your entire medical history – including any medications you are currently taking – with our office. Some medications used in dentistry, and other medical practices – could interact with those medications in a detrimental way. In addition, if you have any allergic reactions to certain medications, it is important for our office to know beforehand.

Finally, if you are prescribed any medication by our office, follow the dosage instructions very carefully, and if instructed, finish your entire prescription even if you are no longer feeling pain.

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